Your heart will bother you if you are away from God.

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"You refuse to forgive people, and yet on the day of judgement you will stand bare, begging Allah to forgive you"

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The prophet Muhammed ﷺ said:

"Oh Allaah! Keep me alive as long as life is better for me, and let me die if death is better for me.


[sahih Bukhari, book 70, hadeeth 575] (via dawah-tu-salafiyyah)

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"الكل سيذهب إلى الله بعد وفاته، لكن السعيد من ذهب إلى الله في حياته

All people go to Allah after their death, but the happy person is the one who goes to Allah while still alive."

"Start seeing God in everything,
but keep it a secret."

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"Lower your gaze from the world and turn your heart away from it."

Umar ibn Al-Khattāb (Radi-Allāhu ‘anhu)

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"Even when letting go of people hurts, face your heart towards Allah and run. Whatever is meant for you, will come after you. Whatever is not, will stay behind."

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if you want to succeed please stop comparing yourself to others

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